#FuturePRoof update - September 2016

#FuturePRoof: Edition Two has now been published (as of 07 September).

A crowdsourced series of 39 essays from more than 40 contributors around the world, the book builds on the success of the first #FuturePRoof guide, which secured over 2,500 sales and downloads.

The book and community's aim is once again to assert public relations as a management discipline and demonstrate its value to organisational success. It continues the discussion around key issues facing public relations, from convergence and skillset to Boardroom recognition and the pace of change.

Topics include audience insight, employee advocacy, influencer relations, tools and technology, agile strategy and business models, and the need for greater collaboration between industry bodies.

There is also a clear prompt for practitioners to challenge management teams more and be much less risk averse.

#FuturePRoof: Edition Two is available as a hard copy here or for Kindle here


The story of #FuturePRoof

In Autumn 2015 Sarah Hall founded, curated and edited #FuturePRoof, a crowdsourced book and community with the bold ambition of asserting the value of public relations.

The aim of the book was to kick start the biggest conversation ever about the future of public relations and underline its role as a management discipline driving business success. It remains available as a free download and copies are priced £25.99 from Blurb

Featuring a foreword from Ketchum’s chief engagement officer Stephen Waddington, the 33 chapter book covers a wide range of topics affecting the managers of communications teams and agencies. 

Chapters describe emerging areas of practice such as PR’s move towards paid, workflow mapping and freelance business models, as well as more traditional topics such as measurement and evaluation, ethics and stakeholder management.

Brian Solis, father of PR 2.0 and author of X, The Experience When Business Meets Design, said: “PR = Public Relations, which means people are at the center of everything.  Sarah reveals how the PR world is changing and why the time is now to advance your work in communications.”

Since publication, the industry bodies CIPR, PRCA and ICCO are now working with Sarah, Stephen and the #FuturePRoof community on policy development.

If you’d like to know more or get involved, visit futureproofingcomms.co.ukfollow  @WeArePRoofed on Twitter and join the #FuturePRoof Facebook group