I'm standing as President for the CIPR for 2018. This page will act as a hub for my campaign content during the election. If you've a question please email me at sarah@sarahhallconsulting.co.uk or connect with me on Twitter @hallmeister. Thank you.

Sarah Hall, the CIPR and the role of President-Elect

The CIPR is a Chartered body led by a President who is the Chairman of the Institute and the representative of the profession in the UK.

Its members elect a President-Elect every autumn who succeeds to the Presidency after a year, and then serves a further year as Past President.

The CIPR elections are now underway and I am standing for the role of President-Elect. I’d relish the opportunity to serve the industry and would help drive it forward with pride, professionalism and passion.

Here is my manifesto and some of the things my nominees have said about why they are supporting me.

Sarah’s Hall’s manifesto

I’ve volunteered with the CIPR for 17 years. I really want it to succeed and for PR practitioners to get the most from its offering. Here’s how I believe I can make a difference.

My plan is simple and rooted in the CIPR’s three year strategic plan.

1)    To help the CIPR assert its vision and its place within society and our industry, and to align its purpose and offer accordingly

2)    To reinforce public relations as a management discipline, with the aim of educating employers and the business community about the value it can bring

3)    To seek new members and better serve the breadth of our industry

 I’ve outlined five practical pledges below. If elected I will set KPIs for each one.

Measurement and evaluation is key to any successful organisational strategy. I commit to being open and transparent and reporting back so you can see the progress being made on a quarterly basis.

My commitment to members

#1 Organisational empowerment and transparency

To ensure the viability and sustainability of the CIPR through scrutiny and robust business practices, as well as swift action where required. I’d lead monthly Twitter chats, quarterly reporting and provide support for Influence magazine.

 #2 Membership and wider engagement

To use modern media to crowdsource conversation with members and non-members about the future of the profession, the CIPR and its vision and role. I’d also empower each member of Council to build relationships with a CIPR regional or sectoral group, and a professional organisation.

#3 Career journey for members

To define the member journey and the value to practitioners of membership. I’d modernise education so that it is clearly aligned with the Global Alliance competency framework.

#4 Industry leadership

To speak out publicly on behalf of the profession in support of the Charter commitment; and embed ethics within all activity and enhance the CIPR’s reputation. I’d seek partnerships with other professional bodies aligned to the CIPR’s vision and purpose.

#5 Campaigning issues

To publish benchmarks for salary scales within the profession, aligned to the career journey and establish a CIPR staff salary scale and diversity register.

My CIPR journey

I began volunteering with the Institute in 1999, initially through the North East committee and later via Board and Council.

I’ve led a Volunteer Review and chaired the Professional Practices Committee, and I’ve seen the Institute through two relocations.

Just as I’ve gained insight, knowledge and widened my network through the CIPR, I’ve given back to ensure others can similarly benefit.

In 2015 I independently launched #FuturePRoof, a book and community designed to assert the value of public relations as a strategic management discipline. #FuturePRoof: Edition Two launches at the start of September.

I’ll be elaborating on my pledges and experience during the campaign period on my blog. If you’ve an issue that you’d like to put to me you email me at sarah@sarahhallconsulting.co.uk or connect on Twitter @hallmeister.

I’m committed to taking our industry forward and know I’m supported in this by many similar forward-thinking and dynamic practitioners. I’d also be grateful for your support.

Thank you.

Sarah Hall’s messages of support

Professor Anne Gregory, former President of the CIPR (who led it to Chartered status) and immediate past Chair of the Global Alliance of Public Relations and Communication Management: "I'm supporting Sarah because she has vision and energy. That combined with a sense of purpose for public relations, which is to serve society and make organisations better, means she'll really move the profession forwards.”

Iain Anderson, Executive Chairman at Cicero: “I’m backing Sarah because we need a President who will ensure we get the right approach for CIPR’s future and ensure there is effective challenge to the Executive – that’s just good governance for any organisation.”

Farzana Baduel, founder & CEO of Curzon PR: “I support Sarah's campaign for President Elect as she has demonstrated both a commitment and passion to professionalise our industry and share best practice. She has devoted 17 years to volunteering for the CIPR and released two groundbreaking books, #FuturePRoof, to industry acclaim. Sarah has the vision and leadership to make a significant impact as the President of CIPR.”

Brand story expert and author of ‘Creativity in Public Relations’ and ‘Tubespiration’ Andy Green: “Sarah has a remarkable talent of combining strategic vision coupled with a tenacious capability to get things done The PR profession is at a crossroads: we have the potential to be in the strategic driving seat of communications - or be marginalised. Sarah offers the leadership and drive to create a better future for the Institute and its members.”

Mary Whenman, reputation management specialist and President of Women in PR: "I'm supporting Sarah Hall for CIPR President Elect because of the outstanding contribution she's made to the UK PR industry through #FuturePRoof. This body of work provides some of the best thinking on the issues facing communications practitioners today. Sarah's also a great advocate for women in our industry, particularly on closing the gender pay gap."

Alison Clarke, Principal of client advisory consultancy Alison Clarke Communications and previously CEO UK & Ireland, Grayling, and Past President of both the CIPR and the PRCA: "I'm supporting Sarah because of her focus on the future - the future of our profession, the best future for our industry representation and the future ambitions of our talent pool."

John Brown, co-author of PR and Communication in Local Government and Public Services and former CIPR treasurer and chair of Iprovision: "I fully support your nomination to be President -Elect.  You have always been a strong and powerful voice for the public relations profession over the years, and I enjoyed serving with you on the CIPR Board a few years back as we dealt with some difficult issues. I believe you will make a great President of the Institute for 2018, CIPR’s70th Anniversary Year."

Jen Stirton, the candidate for Scotland in the Council elections: "I'm voting for Sarah Hall as she is someone who will deliver on her promises. I have known and worked with Sarah at the CIPR for over 10 years and she is passionate about everything she does because she cares about our profession and the CIPR. She always puts members at the heart of her decisions and proposals and is not short on asking questions until she gets the answers. Something that hasn't always made her popular at Russell Square but a critical issue for our member and ensuring we do right by them. Sarah has always pushed for and supported strong representation for the regions and nations and, as Chair of CIPR Scotland, I know how important it is for those members. She will fight the CIPR corner when required and is not frightened of taking difficult decisions. Too often we hear the 'member led' phrase in elections. Sarah is not standing to promote herself, her business or her future career - she doesn't need to do that. But if you care about the CIPR, the future direction of our profession and you want a President who will really deliver on the CIPR being a member led organisation, vote Sarah Hall. I will be." 

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