The team at Sarah Hall Consulting Ltd is highly experienced in providing strategic counsel and aiding clients to articulate their purpose so they can communicate effectively with their target audiences.

As members of the CIPR and PRCA we adhere to a Code of Conduct through which we commit to maintaining the highest professional standards and investing in our CPD.

Prior to starting activity we carry out a full communications audit which includes the internal marketing function and wider marketplace. We also employ a channel agnostic approach to our clients' needs, which allows us to ensure the public relations and social media approach is based on robust research and insight.

We look at where your target customers and stakeholders are, what they consume, how they interact, what they want to know and ensure you have a presence on the channels that will have most impact, in a way that enables the organisation to properly engage.

This can be through media relations, influencer campaigns, events and social media, with activity monitored, measured and evolved as necessary along the way. Our public relations, content creation and video production specialists ensure clients benefit from high calibre work that achieves the desired results in terms of increased profile, engagement and sales. 

We utilise what is known as the Paid, Earned, Shared and Owned (PESO) model, which sees us focus on your Own content so this is pertinent and relevant to your target audiences. We then use Paid, Shared and Earned content, which means we employ influencers, the media and paid promotion to amplify reach and resonance.

This is recognised as best practice and reflects the latest thinking within the public relations industry. It also aids Search Engine Optimisation.